Making With Emma

Our Artisans + Makers make up so much of what Bon Ton Studio and Bon Ton Baby have to offer. In our Making With series, our goal is to highlight the behind the scenes process of the beloved-products they craft. Read along to find out what goes into some of your favorite must-haves from Bon Ton!

In this session, we chatted with Emma from Clementine Floral Design

Where are you located? 

Windsor, CA

How long have you been crafting your product? 

I’ve only been flowering for about 6 months but it pours out of me so easily that I can’t stop and don’t see myself stopping ever!

What is the most inspiring thing behind knowing that your products land in the hands of people all over the world? 

Unification and access to beauty! I love the idea of someone else thinking my work is beautiful enough to display and share that beauty with others. 

Step by Step Process: 

Step 1. Collect your materials! - foraging your own flowers and foliage is a great way to get a beautiful product without spending a ton; not to mention more personal! I like to use a thinner wire (28 gauge) because it is more malleable but as long as you can bend it, it’ll work!

Step 2. Begin by making your first tiny bouquet bound with wire at the stems, use the same thread of wire to attach it to the hoop.

Step 3. Make the next bouquet and attach it to the hoop layered over the wire of the other, always important to hide your mechanics! In the perfect world that we are making these for, dried flowers hover on gold hoops!

Step 4. Once you feel like you have enough bouquets layered, wrap the stems of the last one in ribbon. Making your own ribbon is a great way to repurpose old clothes or pillow cases!

Step 5. Use the same ribbon to give yourself something to hang your wreath from and you’re done!

You can find Emma's floral works at @clementinefloraldesign on Instagram