Gift Wrapping with Danika Lamb

When it comes to gift wrapping, Healdsburg local and influencer, Danika Lamb loves incorporating different textures using mostly neutrals. Think washed linen, rich velvet ribbon and bleached burlap. Danika also likes to add touches from nature, like pinecones and greenery. Come along as Danika shows step-by-step instructions for neutral gift-wrapping options. For these particular gifts, she used a mix of faux and real greenery. The olive branches were plucked from her tree in the backyard and the faux cedar stems are from Michaels.

Gift Wrapping Essentials

A couple of other things that Danika used were these leather gift tags and these really cute bronze bells. In case you start to feel inspired to wrap up your own unique gifts at home, each item has a link attached so that you can easily access many of the items Danika used.

The Furoshiki Method

One other thing Danika wanted to mention is her love for Furoshiki. Furoshiki is a beautiful Japanese tradition that uses cloth to wrap gifts. It looks difficult, but it is actually very simple once you know the steps. You will need a square piece of cloth (Danika used washed linen), and a gift to wrap up.

Start by laying your square cloth down in a diamond on a flat surface.


Put your gift in the center and then grab two opposite corners of the cloth to tie them into a big knot.

Then, take the other two corners and tie them into a big fluffy knot on top of the first knot you made.

That is it! Now you can add in pinecones and greenery.

Where can we find you?

Online at and on Instagram @danika.lamb