Shop Talk: Skin with Karli

On Karli’s days away from the shop, you can find her in her new chic + inviting skin studio in Healdsburg. Karli is a licensed esthetician who not only encourages mindful skincare, but also self love. Below, Karli shares all of her skin secrets -- from her favorite organic products to the best skincare routines to follow!

When did you first become interested in skincare + how did it inspire you to open up a studio of your own?

 I first became interested in skin care pretty naturally when I found myself dealing with some skin issues shortly after high school. I felt so drawn to skin care, how complex it is, how we connect with it, and how our own skin is communicating with us every day. This sparked my desire and passion to want to support others on their own skin care journey. I have felt so connected with a holistic approach to skin care with focus on the health and integrity of the skin for the long term. These past five years I have had the privilege of working in the spa industry as an Esthetician but also as an apprentice, spa coordinator, and spa attendant. Without even really realizing it, I believe all my experience has led me to finally open my very own botanical based skin care studio. I was able to learn what it means to run a skin care business both in and out of the treatment room and felt the only next step is Skin with Karli! 

What are your go-to skincare products?

My go-to skin care products tend to vary depending on the state of my skin each day. I have to say one of my all time favorite skin care combos is misting a hydrating toner onto freshly cleansed skin and while my skin is damp massaging a serum into my skin. At the moment I have been grabbing my Botnia Rose Water Toner with my Wild Gold Botanicals Liquid Gold Serum! The combination of these two products leave my skin feeling so smooth, supple, and hydrated! 

What do you find most rewarding about helping clients love their skin?

When clients come into the studio, maybe for the first time it can be a very vulnerable space to be in. Maybe they have never had a facial before or had their skin analyzed and looked at. I think the most rewarding part is getting their trust in me to treat their skin. I always want my clients feeling seen + supported during a service with me. It always makes my day hearing how relaxed I made them feel and how much better they feel about their skin since coming in to see me!

Ok let's be honest, it can be really hard to find the time for extensive skincare routines and treatments! Do you have a simple routine you like to follow + recommend to clients?

I always tell my clients that consistency is key when treating your skin, especially when treating specific concerns you may have. However, sometimes it’s not about having a really extensive skin care routine. Less can truly be more! Everyone’s skin is different so I encourage you to notice how your skin is feeling each day and how certain products make your skin feel. I personally love gentle cleansers that don’t strip the skin or make it feel tight and dry after cleansing. I usually go between a cleansing oil and a gentle gel based cleanser. Next, a day cream to help protect + moisturize your skin. This can be swapped for a richer moisturizer at night time! Lastly, always use an SPF during the day, rain or shine! The sun can cause so much damage to our skin, even damage that we are unable to notice just yet so it is important that we protect it as much as we can!

Where can we find you?

You can find me on the web at, on Instagram @skinwithkarli, or at my skin studio here in Healdsburg at 216 Matheson Street (inside of Skin Lounge!)